About Me

I am Sarah Zaman. I have a B.Sc. with majors in Physics and Chemistry. There is another bachelor (B.Ed) that I did in education with distinction in which I was trained to become an elementary school teacher. For a year I taught at an elementary school and by the end of that year I quit the job and got enrolled in an online MBA programme at a local university. This MBA programme was my first introduction to online mode of education. During the programme, I kept sending suggestions and recommendations to the university officials for improvement in the teaching and learning process which as a student I thought could be further improved. While doing the MBA I got an offer from my alma mater (the institution from where I did my B.Ed.) to serve as a research officer which I graciously accepted. My bosses (who were also my previous teachers and mentors) at my Alma matter offered me a very pressing sponsorship for a masters degree in education management from a renowned university in the UK nonetheless, I declined thinking that I would better pursue my career in the corporate sector.  After I finished my MBA I was called by the online university’s vice- chancellor and he informed me that they would like to offer me a job. Since the university has a marketing department I thought I would be offered a job in that section however, he studied my CV and upon learning that I have a formal degree in education as well as keeping in view my inclination towards improving the online instruction at the university he offered me a job in the quality assurance cell of the university and at the same time got me enrolled in this MIDT programme. The more I was trying to run away from the field of education the more I got caught in it! I consulted my mentors from my alma mater and I quote what one of them said, “I always knew that, in some capacity that’s not direct teaching, you needed to be in education. The world of teachers, and teachers to be, need your intelligence, integrity and insight…GO FOR IT!”. I decided not to get in my fates way and surrendered.

Through this MIDT programme I have learnt what I had never known before. The term web 2.0 and its various tools and technologies were alien to me prior to joining this programme and now I not only know what they are but also have the skills to gainfully employ them in learning environments. I gained a lot of interest in the programme and this portfolio presents the highlights of my learning in this programme. I think I have found my true calling and for sure I will stay and serve in the field of online education.