Saturday, September 25, 2010

HMPH 5903: Human Performance Technology

In the course Human Performance Technology (HPT), I got exposure to rich real-life case studies and their critical analysis and critique by experts in the field of HPT. I realized that in addition to instructional strategies to improving human performance, myriad non-instructional strategies also exist. Also, I learnt how to fit strategies with the organizational mission of the organization for which the strategies have to be carried out. Of particular importance was the fish-bone analysis that I mastered to conduct. I conducted it for a department of another institute and intend to present to them the final report as well as provide consultancy to them for a smooth implementation of the suggested strategies. Artifact 1 and artifact 2 demonstrate how I thoroughly analyzed the human performance problems, sorted out the possible causes and suggested action plan to mitigate those problems. The outline for artifact 2 is given here.

My high moment arrived when the head of the department for whose department I did the fish-bone analysis called me in excitement and informed that she learnt the analysis technique from me and consequently conducted a workshop on it with school administrators. The workshop went very successful and the school principals and administrators went off accomplished and with a thorough understanding of their respective school problems and their causes. This is indeed a small step; I intend to carry out the fish bone analysis to dig out the problems and their potential causes for all the departments of the university where I work. 

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