Saturday, September 25, 2010

HMDD 5603: Design and Development of Interactive E-Content

In this third semester course I developed skills to conduct a through needs’ analysis of the target audience for whom the e-content has to be prepared and am now able to document the same in clear and concise way. It is really necessary to carryout a detailed needs analysis of the audience before designing and developing e-content. I am also capable of developing appropriate learning outcomes based on Bloom’s taxonomy as well as stating them and the course outline clearly and explicitly. This and all of the above skills are demonstrated by this artifact in which I focused on plagiarism sensitization project for the tutors and students of an online learning university.

Moreover, through empirical studies provided in this course I learnt that there are varying learning styles and it is most effective if in interactive e- content is designed and developed that caters to multiple learning styles. Right away, I plan to convert all of the static e-learning content and the e-student handbook which is currently static-text hosted on the university’s website into interactive e-content. 

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