Saturday, September 25, 2010

HMTT 6003: Instructional Technology Development Tools

Making a basic website while employing HTML, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Dream Weaver and FrontPage tools was a great achievement for me as I had never tried my hands on such a thing before. I not only learnt to use these tools to set up a website but also got familiar with the website architecture and aesthetics like choosing the appropriate layout, background colours, font attributes, like size, style, colour etc. Moreover, I successfully learnt to host the site on the web. My website that I developed in this course was about the profile of some of the professors that have developed courses for the Virtual University of Pakistan (my current workplace). This website can be accessed here Presently, the students of this university do not have access to the profile of their professors which I believe should be provided to students. A lot of empirical research shows that familiarity among online students and their knowledge providers is important, as this familiarity creates goodwill, association and overcomes anonymity in virtual online classes; all of these are considered critical elements towards fostering a quality online learning experience. I hope to integrate professors profile pages on the existing course website of each course on the university’s LMS.
Furthermore, I have acquired basic skills in the aforesaid web publishing tools and along with the experts from the academic team, graphics and Information Technology department of my university I plan to develop learning objects and interactive e-content that can be used to enhance and foster the learning  of the university’s students. 

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