Saturday, September 25, 2010

HMIR 5103: Research in Instructional Design and Technology

In the course, Research in Instructional Design and Technology, I developed skills to identify the key elements of research reports as well as to technically and critically examine them. This artifact demonstrates these skills. This set the ground for the other two research related courses in the programme and I equipped myself with the essential knowledge and skills to locate, cite and address essential parts of a research article.  I also learnt to design and develop an online survey through the software,, which I used later in my capstone research project to collect data. The artifact in the HMCD 6304 course displays this skill. Additionally, I got familiar with the research that has been, and continues to be, carried out in the field of instructional design and technology. I also learnt to locate emerging tools and technologies that are being used or have the potential to be used in online instruction. In this regard, I located a research article on massive multiplayer online role-playing games and discussed it thoroughly. This discussion is presented here.

In Pakistan the research culture and practice is slow to develop and the students lack research report elements and methods and citation styles. From my understanding and learning through this course, I aspire to design and develop an interactive online manual which prepares students to become familiar with the elements of research report elements, how to locate authentic, reliable and credible research articles and most importantly how to cite them so that they could be saved from the plague of academic dishonesty –plagiarism. 

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