Saturday, September 25, 2010

HMLC 5303: Learning Communities and Social Pedagogical Networks

In this course I learnt how the web 2.0 tools can be used in learning settings to form communities, networks and connections among learners while bridging the geographical distances and time-zone differences. I also got know how of the three underlying learning theories: communities of practice, networked learning and Connectivism as well as the differences and similarities among them. This is presented in this artifact 1. Moreover, I realized that in addition to the commonly used learning management systems there is another more student centered and personalized learning environment. I explored that while learning with and from others, the learning could still take place in a very personalized and tailored environment where learners can be enabled to set goals for their own learning and direct their own learning pathways. In this regard web 2.0 tools like blogs, RSS fields, social book marking and networking sites can be used to access people and resources. I learnt to design PLE and used LAMS which is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities, as a platform for it.  Besides, I got awareness about the ethical issues in using social software and web 2.0. Artifact 2 demonstrates how I accomplished this.

I intend to introduce the concept of PLE to the academic staff of my university, so that the tutors build learning and sharing networks among the online tutor community of the university as well as access and connect with the plethora of knowledge and resources on the internet to share with them and broaden their learning about online instruction.

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